26 January 2020

2020 Wardrobe Post: My Old-School Junk

Hi, all! Welcome to my 2020 wardrobe post.

I originally intended to post everything, but- I got tired, and I ran out of energy. So I decided to cut my losses and share some of my favorite old-school pieces. Enjoy!

Click on the cut below to see some of my oldest, crustiest pieces~

Rural Poem Maid OP (1990's)
Rural Poem was a brand from the 80's and 90's. They closed around 1999 or 2000. Originally, they were a brand that made Pink-House-styled clothes, but in the mid-to-late '90s they shifted to making lolita items. Most of their pieces would read as country or classic lolita today, but they also produced a handful of items that resemble very early gothic lolita, like this maid dress. Weirdly, they also produced a long OP that's a dead ringer for MMM's Gardenia OP (but in like 1995). 

Jane Marple Fur OP (est. 1993)
This OP is bizarre and kind of incredible. Though it looks like velvet, the dress is actually made of faux fur, with a fluffier faux fur on the sleeves. I'm guessing this is from around 1993, because the materials look very similar to that year's holiday set (which also featured a white fur dress that mixed two kinds of fur material). 

Jane Marple Suit with Fur Trim (1993)
This is such a weird and delightful suit, and it's wool with fur trim. The fur trim is detachable and the buttons can be swapped out for a smaller and more sedate set of small pearl buttons. The fur is the same material used on the fur OP's sleeves, and JM shifted away from making items with detachable portions in the 2000's, so I'm guessing this is early-to-mid 90's.

Jane Marple Velour Cutsew (early/mid 1990s)
Same tags as the fur OP and fur suit so guessing they're from the same time period.

Jane Marple Heart Suit and Bow (1995)
This style of jacket, with a velvet heart-shaped lapel, has become one of their most iconic designs and they've repeated it in different colorways and cuts over the years (even reissuing this cut in 2001). This version is one of my favorites- I love the button color, and the monotone velvet color highlights the heart applique details. The matching JSK is gorgeous, too: the skirt hem is actually a series of upside-down heart appliques lined up to mimic a scallop hem.

Garaus Pieces (1990s)
Garaus was the predecessor of Shot Gun Wedding/Cornet. They were active in the '90s and their style was truly all over the place- I've also seen tartan jackets reminiscent of old-school BTSSB and I have a denim JSK on the way that looks like a MILK knockoff. The tulle JSK is probably my favorite, it's like a very janky and very early attempt at gothic lolita before MMM hit the scene.

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Tartan Bustle Skirt (est. mid or late 1990s)
This skirt is really interesting because it completely lacks the lace and other features that BTSSB's classic tartan pieces have. Instead, it's just a simple circle skirt with a little bustle in the back. I'm guesstimating the release date was sometime in the 90s because of the materials and style: during this time period, other brands like Jane Marple and MILK were busy making VW-inspired tartans left and right, and this skirt feels like a lolita take on the JM and MILK pieces of that time period with its little bustle back and mini length.

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Eyelet Lace OP (est. late 1990s)
Despite my best efforts, I've been totally unable to find out more about this dress. I'm guessing it's from the late 90's because the style and materials are reminiscent of the country-ish style thta was still popular in lolita at that time and the condition is BAD- the elastic in the shoulders has completely disintegrated. 

Sweetie Scallop Hem Wool JSK with Bear Design (est. late 1990s)
Sweetie was a smaller (possibly shorter-lived?) lolita brand that you can spot in late '90s Kera and FRUiTS snaps from time to time. Their pieces are super cute but I have never been able to find any information about them, which is a bummer! In addition to featuring adorable bear heads, this piece is also made of a gorgeously soft wool.

MILK Maria Velvet JSK (pre-1998)
This JSK was from a popular MILK print series that was released in a ton of different cuts, colorways, and fabrics. There was both a cutsew line and a velvet line with this print. By the '90s MILK was a well-established brand and they were light years ahead of most lolita brands in terms of doing custom-printed fabric. This series is from sometime in the mid-to-late '90s, but the closest I could really get with a date was "1998 or earlier", since the cutsew version is featured in the September 1998 issue of FRUiTS (Vol. 16).

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Torchon Lace Cross OP (1998)
This OP is one of my favorite BTSSB pieces! The monotone cross detailing is just gorgeous and the cotton lace is incredibly soft and lovely. It's such a quintessential lolita piece to me.

Innocent World Rectangle Headdress (1998-1999)
A rectangle headdress in the truest sense of the phrase- get a load of those sharp little corners! IW had switched to their now-standard cursive script tag by 2000, so this is from 1998 or 1999.

Emily Temple Cute Daisy Lace Shirring OP (pre-1999)
This dress is truly a masterpiece of old-school workmanship. The lace is just incredible and the shirred bodice looks so flattering worn! ETC started as a teen offshoot of sister brand Shirley Temple in 1983, and this is one of their earlier teen-sized releases prior to the time ETC broke off and became its own brand in 1999.

Metamorphose Floral Gathered Babydoll OP (1999 or earlier)
This Meta OP is really interesting- though it looks like it's fully shirred, the lining is actually unshirred. The shirring actually acts as shaping and helps the dress mold to the shape of your body! Though I can't figure out precisely when it was released, the curly tag of this dress was phrased out by 2000.

Metamorphose Mini Cherry Print JSK (1999 or earlier)
This JSK also came in a strawberry-print fabric. It's very cute and the combination of the length, cut, and print are so reminiscent of old FRUiTS snaps to me. I can't wait for the weather to warm up so I can pair this with my RHS and a really goofy blouse.

Metamorphose Long Tiered JSK (Bouquet Print) (1999)
This dress is from the first iteration of Meta's popular Antique Bouquet print! At this time, the print was just generic and didn't yet feature the brand name, as future iterations would. The colorway is also a bit different and more muted. I just love it and the dress is ridiculously comfortable, to boot!

Metamorphose Raschel Lace Long OP (1999)
This OP's raschel lace tiers are just perfect, and I love the button-up front. It's an adorably frumpy old piece.

Moi-Meme-Moitie Nun OP (1999)
I'm actually not a huge fan of MMM, and tend to prefer slightly sweeter designs. But this dress absolutely captured my heart when I first saw it in 2003 or thereabouts, and after searching for many years I finally managed to track it down and add it to my hoard! I really love that the collar detaches- I've massed a decent-sized collection of white collars over the years and it's fun to change up the look of the dress with them.

Emily Temple Cute Heart Embroidery JSK (est. early 2000s)
This JSK is really simple and versatile! I also love the hem detailing, which is a gorgeous embroidery. I'm kind of guessing on the date here, but the materials and measurements suggest it's an early 2000's piece.

HeartE Gobelin Coat (est. early 2000's)
I'm obsessed with this coat. I'm making a guessimate on the date, but I'm assuming it's early 2000's based on the materials and goofy plastic buttons.

MAM Heart Pocket JSK (est. early 2000s)
I'm guessing this piece is another early 2000s find based on the materials and cut- probably somewhere in the 2002-2004 timeframe since this is more true to MAM's style during that time.

Mari Sonoda Heart Bib OP (est. early 2000s)
This is another old lolita brand I can't find any information on. I'd never heard of it until I bought the dress! However, based on the workmanship and feel of the materials (and the profusion of eyelet lace), I'm guessing it's from the early 2000s sometime. The heart bib and ruffled cuffs button off for versatility.

Pretty Wired Ribbon Bow (2000)
This bow still has a tag that just says "Pretty," from when AP was just starting out! It's also wired so it has a really cute shape.

Antique BeasT Vampire Princess OP (2000)
This dress has everything a fan of old-school gothic could want: velvet! Bell sleeves! A butt-length miniskirt! A giant lace cross! Though I rarely have a chance to wear it, it's one of my favorite pieces and I way overpaid for it in a bidding war a few years back.

Emily Temple Cute Tiered Gobelin JSK (est. 2000)
I love this dress, it's like the sweet version of MMM's tiered gobelin JSK. Based on the materials and measurements it's an earlier ETC piece, but it's from at least 2000 because it's got their current red tag. It's super comfortable and soft after all these years.

Metamorphose Alice OP Set (2000)
I have a real soft spot for themed sets, like nurse, nun, and maid outfits. This one is a personal favorite, with a super comfortable cut and the perfect wide raschel lace at the hem and cuffs.

Metamorphose Lace-Up Front Velveteen JSK (2000)
This JSK is an extremely difficult to match teal shade, but I couldn't pass up the unique cut!

Metamorphose Thorn Print Skirt and Vest Set (2000)
This set is so goofy and typically Meta: the vest laces in the front and back, to maximize the ero styling possibilities! It also came in a fullly velvet version but I love the way this print looks against the ribbons and raschel lace! Also, meet Herb- he's one of my cats and he loves to "help" with wardrobe photography. You'll probably spot him here and there in my post, usually napping in the same spot.

Metamorphose Trumpet Sleeve Babydoll OP with Arm Covers and Raschel Lace Bonnet (2000)
This is truly my favorite item in my wardrobe. Many years ago, I passed up an auction for this dress for $130 because I figured I could get it cheaper. After that, I spent years trying to snag this and eventually way overpaid in a recent auction. But I was lucky enough to find this set intact, complete with arm warmers and matching bonnet! So I try to tell myself that made it "worth it."

Metamorphose Heart Lace Pochette (est. 2000)
I feel so fortunate I managed to snag this bag- it's just perfect for pairing with my crunchy old raschel lace coords! It seems that Meta re-released this design in 2005, but this version has the tag they stopped using in 2000.

Metamorphose Princess Headdress (2000)
This one features a cute little rose detail and it's the perfect understated size for old-school coordinates!

Metamorphose Candy Headdress (2000)
Embarrassing story: I bought this off Mercari and thought it would be the size of a small-ish canotier. It's not. It's probably one of the largest headdreses  own, and I just love how goofily oversized it is!

Metamorphose Gathered Headdress (2000)
Another extra-large headdress from Meta, this one features their old brand "Manifestange"-branded ribbon.
Metaomrphose Princess Headdress (2000)
Another classic raschel lace piece. This one is a bit shorter and wider than my other headdresses so it looks great paired with an updo!

Angelic Pretty Gobelin OP (est. 2001)
I haven't been able to find a ton of information about this OP. I'm setting the date at 2001 because it has an internal "Angelic Pretty" tag, but still has a "Pretty" washing tag, meaning it was produced prior to the late 2001 official name change. The cut and design are also very similar to a number of other dresses AP produced in 2001, though the print and detailing is a bit different. In a rare move for old AP, it's high waisted and the top is shirred, so it's extremely comfortable and pleasant to wear.

Baby, the Stars shine Bright Babydoll Style OP with Choker (2001)
Sadly, this one is missing the choker but it's still gorgeous and came with the matching headdress! It's also in pristine condition and I'm a little afraid to wear it, haha. It has the same fabric as Hawase Doll, with a subtle floral pattern.

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Torchon Lace Headdress (2001)
These headdresses came as a gift with purchase from a seller that I bought a lot from, and I'm so happy she decided to give these away. They're the perfect shape and size, and I wear these three constantly!

Innocent World Long Balloon JSK (2001)
Generally, I'm not a huge IW fan- they make nice designs but their current fit is really awful on my shape. For some reason, their older pieces always fit me great. I'm glad, because I couldn't resist this weird, baloon-shaped dress! It looks a lot like a garbage bag but that just makes it appeal to me a bit more.

Jane Marple Emblem Series Blouson (2001)
I've been trying to track down the other embroidered pieces from this series to no avail for years, but for now I'm happy with this casual jacket! It goes perfectly with casual and more dressed-up coords, and it's actually pretty warm to boot.

Kazuko Ogawa Raschel Lace Headdress (est. 2001)
This is another item I don't know a lot about. I'm guessing on the date based on the fact that this brand closed in 2006 and slowed down on making true lolita pieces a little before they closed. They're really one of my favorite brands and I hope I can snag one of their gobelin JSKs someday!

MAM Cross Doll OP (2001)
Sadly missing its collar but still so cute! I can never say no to older sack dresses like this, and I especially love the white detailing and cross motif on this one.

Metamorphose Anne of Green Gables OP Set (2001)
This set is a gorgeous example of old Meta's amazing quality and design. The dress and apron are both super comfortable and wearable, and I love that the apron ties up in the back!

Metamorphose Bouquet Print Sleeve JSK (2001)
On top of being super comfortable, the design of this dress is really interesting- the neckline is a drawstring, rather than being elastic like modern pieces, so the neckline width can be adjusted to suit the wearer. I was a little skeptical at first and worried the drawstring would come undone throughout the day, but this was actually super comfortable and pleasant to wear! It's now in heavy rotation in my closet.

Metamorphose Tartan Check Sailor OP (2001)
I always think Meta's sailor pieces are so iconic and classic, and this sack OP cut has always been one of my favorites! I couldn't say no when I spotted this tartan iteration, and the short length and breezy cotton fabric make it perfect for summer.

Metamorphose Raschel Lace Blouse (est. 2001)
This blouse is super flattering, covered in raschel lace (my favorite, in case you hadn't noticed by this point!), and has a really interesting peplum design that looks adorable over a skirt. I haven't been able to track down the name or any further information about this blouse, but based on the tag and the fact that an idential long-sleeved blouse was released in 2001 I'm guessing it was released that year.

Metamorphose Lace Skirt (Gobelin Weave) (est. 2001)
Another slightly mysterious item. Meta released a skirt in this exact fabric in 2001, but it had three tiers of lace instead of one. So I'm guessing this is just a variant from that same release!
Metamorphose Poison Cherry Skirt (2001)
This skirt is one of my prized possessions, and so classically Meta! Like the best Meta items, it seamlessly blends a variety of influences (in this case- the punk buttflap with the retro shape and feel of the skirt), and it's so versatile as well! And it has the added bonus of being a $30 auction find.

Metamorphose Raschel Lace Skirt (Solid) (2001)
This is definitely the original brand version of the tacky Momo's Handicrafts skirts that were so popular when I first started wearing lolita. I'm in love with it, and I can't get over the garish red and black color combo.

Metamorphose Velveteen Embroidery Headdress (2001)
The dress that matches this headdress is one of my top dream items. Unfortunately, I haven't managed to find it yet. But the headdress itself was a great addition to my wardrobe: it's a perfect match to the unusual "dark pink" shade many brands used to use.

Victorian Maiden Double Cross Shantung Skirt (2001)
This skirt is a gorgeous example of VM's early style, which was more romantic gothic than classic! It's also quite versatile: The cross overskirt can be taken off and the two pieces can be worn separately.

Victorian Maiden Gobelin Print Back Lace-Up JSK (2001)
Another early VM piece! Though the gobelin design is a print, it's still made out of a lovely, heavy textured fabric. I had to display this one a bit differently because, while it fits my body just fine, it wouldn't fit over my mannequin's shoulders.

Angelic Pretty Side Spindle OP (2002)
I love the simple sweet style of old AP pieces like this! 

Angelic Pretty Gobelin JSK (est. 2002)
I haven't been able to find any information about this JSK online, which is a real pity- it's so gorgeous and flattering! I'm guessing it was released in 2002 because AP released several other items in an identical gobelin fabric during the same year.

Angelic Pretty Bear Headdress (2002)
Despite being an AP item, this piece has always felt a little Meta-ish to me with the combination of elegant flowers and lace and that aggressively silly little bear.

Arachnophobia Rose Chiffon JSK (2002)
Arachnophobia was a brand featured in all the early GLBs that seemed to abruptly disappear in 2004 or so. Sadly I haven't been able to dig up any more information about it, and the only reason I was able to date this dress was because I spotted it in a GLB issue from 2002. It's really flattering and comfortable, and the red trim at the neckline is actually made up of tiny ribbon roses. This dress wouldn't look out of place in a modern coord, it feels like a really interesting anachronism!

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Alice Chess JSK (2002)
This piece was always so iconic to me when I started out in the fashion, and I was overjoyed to add it to my hoard last year! I really love Alice prints, and this babydoll cut is one of my favorite BTSSB designs. Combined, they make one of my favorite old-school pieces.

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Lace Pleated JSK (2002)
This dress is so gorgeous and surprisingly easy to wear! It's got an allover lace fabric that has held up surprisingly well over the years.

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Tiered JSK (2002)
This is another classic BTSSB design that has seen multiple re-releases! For some reason, they only released the cream version in 2002- which feels like a huge mistake, considering how lovely it is!

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Cutsews (est. 2002)
Both of these cutsews are perfect alternative to blouses. The dressy collars keep them from feeling too simple or basic, while the breathable cotton fabric is perfect for warm weather. I haven't been able to track down stock information for these, but the seller I bought them from said she purchased them in 2002.

Innocent World Fur Hooded Cape and Fur Flared Skirt (2002)
This set really reminds me of skating costumes from the 1930s! One day I'd like to trek out to a snowy area and take some cute wintertime photos in this.

Innocent World Heart Lace JSK (2002)
Another old IW piece. This one has a slightly longer length and its simple style works well with a variety of styles. 

Innocent World Trump Button Square Neck OP (2002)
Another lovely example of old IW's craftsmanship with some really unique lace! Originally, it also featured some cute buttons shaped like hearts and diamonds; unfortunately, someone replaced them with basic white buttons somewhere along the line. It's still cute but this year my goal is to find buttons that match the original!
Jane Marple Cross and Lily Gobelin JSK and Purse (2002)
This series is a Jane Marple classic! I remember spotting it in Phaidon's old Gothic and Lolita book and being in awe of the dress's unusual neckline and detailed print. The original gobelin design is just breathtaking. This series was so popular it was re-released in 2013, though with a completely different set of cuts (and, tragically, no tiny fur bag).

Jane Marple Strawberry Dot JSK (2002)
This is more of a summer series, made in a comfortable lightweight cotton!

Jane Marple Tartan Hat, Jacket, and Bustier (2002)
Jane Marple always makes the best tartan pieces, and this wool set is one of my favorites! The jacket has an unusual peplum and the hat is... peak 2002 weirdness haha.

Metamorphose Camouflage Zip-Front JSK with Detachable Sleeves (2002)
Kind of guessing on the release date and name here since I can't find any info about this online, but Meta released a camo series in 2002 with this fabric so I'm guessing it's from the same time. This dress is delightfully odd, and features a zipper that runs the full length of the front, pleated side panels, and little cap sleeves that can be buttoned on or off!

Metamorphose Crown Label Princess OP (Burberry) (2002)
Back in the 2000s, Meta introduced the Crown Label line. Originally, the line was meant to release pieces twice per year and it was created to produce simple pieces at a lower price point than the brand's main line releases. I really love the original ethos behind Crown Label, and I think it's a great example of the inclusive philosophy that Meta's original designer, Kuniko Kato, brought to lolita- her brand was one of the first to open to international orders, she consistently designed pieces for all shapes and sizes, and she even had a really cute page on the Meta website called "Go Go! Lolita Chan" where she featured lolitas who wore Meta's clothes (it's so, so cute, and you can still check it out at this link). Crown Label was retired in 2006-7. It was brought back in 2009 after Kato left as a "sweet" sub-line within the main Meta brand.

This dress is such a perfect example of an original Crown Label release. Though it was put out at a lower price point, it still features a lovely cotton fabric, adorable design, and gorgeous eyelet lace that's on par with the lace Meta was using in its main series around this time. 

Metamorphose Crown Print Tiered JSK (Long Version) (2002)
Another classic old Meta piece! This print came in tons of different cuts, and these tiered sundresses are some of my favorites because they're so casual and wearable. They look great for normal wear with a straw hat and sandals in summer, but it's easy to layer them with a blouse or bolero for a more traditional lolita coord, too.

Metamorphose Punkuma Skirt with Shorts (2002)
It's so hard to top Meta's early-2000s illustrations, and this skirt is no exception! I love the way the punk-inspired bear drawing looks on the sweet pink skirt.

Metamorphose Velveteen JSK with Sleeves (2002)
This JSK is actually a reissue of an older design, though I haven't managed to locate or date the original version! The velvet this piece is made from is a bit thinner and softer than many other velvets I've encountered, so instead of being stiff it's extremely comfortable and wearable.

Angelic Pretty Apron JSK (2003)
This is one of AP's most enduring and popular designs, and it's been rereleased numerous times in a variety of colorways and fabrics (most recently in July 2018 with a cute tartan pattern!). The original is still my favorite, though: the eyelet lace on this one is just a little bit nicer, to me, than on subsequent releases.

Angelic Pretty Playing Cards JSK (2003)
Yet another early black and white piece from Angelic Pretty. The lace on this piece is so amazing and the playing card detail on the hem is really unusual: Rather than being screen-printed, it's actually a felt applique! It's a really cool detail that makes the dress look lovely in person and in photos. 

Angelic Pretty Princess Silhouette OP (2003)
Also known as the "Snow White" OP, this is one of AP's first attempts at a custom print! I also adore the scalloped collar detail.

This print is commonly attributed to Imai Kira, but I haven't actually found any proof that this is a Kira illustration. The silhouette could be her style, but when Kira illustrated 2004's "Sleeping Princess" print, the silhouette she drew looked completely different. The only conclusive connection I could find is that Kira illustrated the postcard for the print. It theoretically would be possible, because Kira started illustrating for AP in 2001, but without further proof I'm just going to say it's a cute AP print and leave it there.

Angelic Pretty Rose Princess OP (2003)
This OP has been modified a bit! Originally, it came with a large white detachable collar and long sleeves. A friend of mine was the last owner, and they kept the collar! The owner before them shortened the sleeves, which I think makes the OP much more versatile and wearable.

Angelic Pretty Rose Princess Headdress
I managed to track the matching headddress down earlier this year, but unfortunately- it's the pink colorway! I still like to wear them together, because the color difference is hardly noticeable once it's on my head and buried in my hair and I love the way the dark pink roses set off the roses in the print. Someday, I'd like to add the cream one to my collection as well!

Atelier Boz Long Nun OP (2003)
This is another design Boz has released a couple of times through the years, but as before I prefer the original! The closest version (released in 2011 and called the Smyrna OP) has white cuffs that don't quite do it for me. Though I managed to pinpoint the date from an old ad in a GLB issue, I'm not 100% sure of the name on this one, as it's featured in GLB 8 but the dress's name is cut off in the scan. 

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Pin Tuck Lace Sleeveless Cutsew and Skirt (2003)
This skirt is a bit of an oddity for BTSSB. Though the brand is known for its use of eyelet and crochet lace, this series features an unusual raschel lace latticework pattern! I found the skirt randomly for $13 on auction this past summer, and a dear friend gave me the cutsew as a birthday gift. 

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Spin Doll Blouse with Cape (2003)
Unfortunately this blouse wrinkles super easily, but it's still an amazing piece! The large part that covers the shoulders is actually a cape that can be removed for a more casual look- though I don't know why you'd do that!

Bisque Doll Alice Scallop JSK (est. 2003)
Yet another JSK in my collection of Alice prints! This one is from an old indie brand, Bisque Doll, that was active for a very brief time in the early 2000's. They produced a lot of interesting pieces on neat fabrics and, to quote one friend- they sure loved a scalloped hem. This dress also has some scallop action going on in the neckline area!

Emily Temple Cute Alice Frame Skirt and Cutsew (2003)
This was a very popular early ETC series, and also came in JSK and OP cuts as well as a bag featuring the rabbit motif! It repurposes the original John Tenniel illustrations in a really charming way that's cute and yet still wearable. 

Innocent World Rococo Floral Sundress (2003)
This dress is a bit unusual with its low waist and pointed waistline, but I couldn't help falling in love with it! As you might have noticed by now, I have a real soft spot for old-school florals like this one.

Innocent World Shirring OP (2003)
Another simple OP with some shirring for comfort. The polka-dot pattern on this one is really cute and great for summer, and the collar detaches if you want to change up the look. Interestingly, IW released a couple of cutsews and jackets with detachable collars around this time, and the collars can be swapped between the different items!

MAM Apron Skirt (est. 2003)
This skirt features a super cute detachable apron and a gorgeous high scalloped waistline! I sadly haven't been able to track down any definitive information about the release date or official name on this one, but I'm guessing it's from the 2001-2005 time period because of the tag, materials, and measurements.

Marble Choker (est. 2003)
I am really spitballing on the date here but I don't think a wimpy choker/headdress/whatever like this has any business existing after 2003, and that's where I'm putting the release date because it's my post and I make the rules (normally I'm more scientific about this but after exhaustively researching the other 100+ items in this post I ran out of steam and didn't have the energy to backtrack and do research when I realized I forgot this bad boy).

Metamorphose Embroidered Heart Bodice JSK (2003)
One of my favorite motifs in lolita fashion is oversized heart appliques- especially if they're just slapped on the bodice for no apparent reason (heart pockets are a close second). This JSK, to me, is the cream of the crop- the bodice heart is the perfect size and covered in the most incredibly thick and soft raschel lace!

Metamorphose Peach Skin Mini JSK (2003)
Meta released a number of pieces in this weird peach skin (sort of like a microsuede) fabric in 2003, but none of the items resemble one another at all. I used to have a maxi-length JSK from the series that looked like a Pink House release, but I swapped it for this retro-inspired dress with fake boob pockets.

Metamorphose Dress with Apron (Hospital OP) (2003)
One of Meta's nurse-style releases! This one originally came with a little cross brooch on the bodice, though the brooches on both of mine have been lost to the sands of time. The pink OP is the only oldschool Meta nurse piece I'm missing!

Metamorphose Nurse Blouse and Skirt with Pants  (Hospitality Doll) (2003)
Hospitality Doll was my first dream set when I originally saw it in 2004 or so, and it took me almost 10 years to finally start tracking the series down! I originally found the white set in 2012, and the black set in 2016. But the black set got lost in the mail, so I wound up having to track it down again- which I fortunately did later that year! Even thought it's been a few years, it still feels really surreal to call these long-term dream pieces my own.

Metamorphose Nurse Headdress (2003)
Of course, the sets wouldn't be complete without the classic nurse headdresses! These have a kind of unusual design, and the "cap" is really just a flap of fabric attached to a headband. I personally prefer the traditional cap style since it's easier to wash and starch, but these are so adorable I can't complain.

Metamorphose 3/4 Sleeve OP With Pants (2003)
The remainder of my Hospitality Doll collection! (less a pair of socks I was too lazy to find, haha) These dresses are some of my most treasured pieces- on top of being longtime dream items, I was able to find and purchase each of them thanks to a different friend's help! 

Angelic Pretty Sleeping Princess Skirt (2004)
One of my favorite Imai Kira prints, and I just love the way it looks on the dusty rose fabric! My only regret about this piece is that I used to have the OP and stupidly sold it, but I'm optimistic that it will return to me one day!

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Tartan Check JSK (2004)
Another classic BTSSB design, this one in pink tartan with a scalloped hem. I really love the combination of pink and red, so this dress was a perfect find!

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Flower Crochet Cardigan (est. 2004)
I'm kind of guesstimating the age on this one because I wasn't able to track it down on Lolibrary and other sites, though I found a number of similar cardigans that were also released in 2004. I miss these kind of detailed knit items.

Cornet Square-Neck JSK (est. 2004)
This JSK has so many unusual features but it's really flattering and easy to wear! Based on the tags, I'm guessing the date of release is 2004. From here on out- for all the Cornet pieces I'm listing, I'm guesstimating the release date based on the tags.

Cornet Tiered Lace-Up JSK (est. 2004)
For some reason, all of the most iconic Cornet pieces I can think of are red- and this one is no exception. I just love the stark red and white combination 

Cornet Eyelet Lace Bloomers (est. 2004)
They have the cutest eyelet lace trim!

HeartE Eyelet Lace Cross Babydoll OP (est. 2004)
This is one of my favorite old sack dresses! The eyelet lace cross detailing is so cute, and I love the slightly sweeter feel the eyelet lace and babydoll cut brings to this slightly gothic conduct.

MAM Rose Jaquard Satin JSK (2004)
I know that shiny satin pieces are a bit taboo, but I love the texture and always find them to be unique and cute. I especially love the subtle woven rose design on this older MAM piece!

Metamorphose Ballerina Style JSK (2004)
One of my favorite lolitas from the LJ days made so many gorgeous coords with this dress and its all-black counterpart, and after many years of longing for it I finally managed to add it to my wardrobe! As a former ballerina I love how the unusual waist ties and tulle skirt perfectly evoke old-fashioned tutus.

Metamorphose Nun Style OP (Long) (2004)
This dress, along with the Hospitality Doll OP, got lost in the mail a few years ago. It took me a few more years to track this one down again too. It's one of my favorite nun-style pieces and really reminds me of the habits the nuns wore at one of my Catholic grade schools.

Metamorphose Stand Collar Cape and Tulle Skirt (2004)
Like a lot of old Meta, this set is kind of kooky and I just love it! The skirt is super short, the cape is really covered in raschel lace, and they're both amazing. I'm already hard at work plotting an ero coord with these two pieces.

Metamorphose Trumpet Sleeve Babydoll OP (2004)
This is the 2004 version of the 2000 original! I actually sold this one to a friend and was lucky enough to get it back when a third friend put her 2000 version up for auction- we just swapped dresses! I actually like this version a bit more than the 2000 version. The length is a little shorter and the zipper back is easier to do up than the button back, plus the collar shape is a bit wider and cuter. However, this one has smaller trumpet sleeves and no arm warmers, so I like having the original, too!

Visible Velvet Trim Princess OP (est. 2004)
Visible is one of the kookiest old-school brands (second only to Marble) and this weird piece is no exception. It's a weird old rococo-inspired piece that wouldn't look out of place on an early-2000's visual kei band. 

Angelic Pretty Ballerina Print JSK ("Swan Lake") (2005)
Another one of the classic old Imai Kira prints! This one features a lovely ballerina print, and the lake and feather motifs evoke Swan Lake. Though it's 15 years old, this print is still incredibly cute and detailed. 

Angelic Pretty Tippet Wool Ribbon OP (2005)
A wool dress with allover fur trim is definitely overkill for California, but the print and cut were too cute to resist! This coming winter, my goal is to wear this print out ice-skating.

Angelic Pretty Princess Ribbon Headdress (2005)
This cherry red is a perfect match for many of my old-school pieces, and it's covered in AP's characteristic cute old-school eyelet lace.
Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Mirabel Set (2005)
This set is actually a bustier and a skirt! It's really cute and versatile, and the fabric is a gingham with an allover embroidered floral design. 

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Teddy Bear Bouquet Gobelin JSK (2005)
It's such a shame that Baby doesn't make custom-woven gobelin any more, because their designs were just stunning! This dress features a repeating pattern of roses, with little teddy bears hidden throughout. 

Cornet Nurse Sets (est. 2005)
I love the Hospitality-Doll-inspired feel of these precious early nurse sets! Like most pieces from Cornet, they're on the simple side but still wearable and cute.

Cornet Diamond Lace Applique OP (est. 2005)
Another red Cornet OP, this one in a cute burgundy color! I actually got this dress because it's a bit nostalgic for me- it reminds me of a holiday dress my mom bought for me when I was a kid!

Cornet Floral OP (2005)
Cornet released this dress in a few different colors and styles- most notably, in a version that mixed gingham and floral prints! Personally, I like the more wearable floral/solid combo, in the classic Cornet red x white combo.

Cornet Front Bustle JSK (est. 2005)
Normally I'm not a huge fan of bustles, especially in the front of a dress, but this one features row after row of gorgeous eyelet lace on the front that was just too gorgeous to pass up!

Innocent World Cotton Lace Rose Pattern Headdress (2005)
I got three colorways of this headdress in a lot early on in my lolita career, and they've been staples in my wardrobe ever since! The shape and size pair perfectly with poofy twintails, and the colors match a ton of different items in my closet. I especially love the dusty rose one, as it's a perfect match for the unusual dark pink brands used to use in items.

Metamorphose Long Sleeve Sailor OP (Solid) (2005)
In addition to the summery tartan version up above, I also have this solid variation on Meta's sailor sack dresses in a thicker cotton that's perfect for winter and fall. In addition to working as a cute OP, this one can also pull double duty as a cute light coat for spring!

Metamorphose Strawberry Print Shirring Sundress (2005)
This is definitely a simple piece, but it's so versatile and works as both a lolita JSK and a normie sundress with a cute, allover berry print.

Metamorphose Trumpet Sleeve Tiered OP (2005)
In case you hadn't noticed, I have something of an obsession with Meta's trumpet sleeve OPs. To break up the monotony of my collection, I added this pink x white variation to my wardrobe in 2019 and it's just adorable with its soft pink cotton and ribbon detailing.

Metamorphose Ladder Lace Three-Tiered Skirt (2005)
This skirt is one of my favorites for more casual wear, and because it unbuttons all the way down the front it's an amazing layering piece! 

Metamorphose Short Sleeve Knit Blouse (2005)
For some reason, I've never been a huge blouse fan and I tend to prefer cutsews. This is one of my favorites because it has the look of a blouse but with the soft and comfortable fabric of a cutsew!

Metamorphose Solid Colored Ribbon Headdress with Lace (2005)
This wired ribbon headdress is an absolute staple in my wardrobe, and pairs perfectly with my eyelet-lace-trimmed main pieces.

Shirley Temple Leopard Print Skirt with Tail (est. 2005)
I'm kind of spitballing on the date here and guessing based on the fabric/trim and detailing. But this skirt from Shirley Temple is absolutely too cute, and features not just a detailed leopard border print but a detachable leopard fur tail (with a tiny ribbon detail on the tip!).

Angelic Pretty Pastel a La Mode Patisserie Set (2006)
This adorable set from Angelic Pretty is a unique take on their popular Pastel a La Mode series, with the series' iconic print featured on a cute detachable apron! It's a versatile set featuring a ton of different accessories, including wrist cuffs, a headdress, a choker, a detachable collar, and that cute printed apron!  

Angelic Pretty Puppet Circus JSK (2006)
Another Imai Kira collab! I was so obsessed with this series when I first spotted the ads, but wasn't able to snag it for myself until many years later. Though I don't have the opportunity to wear this heavy velvet dress often, I truly treasure it.

Angelic Pretty Puppet Circus OP (2006)
This was actually my dream cut and colorway of this series- the OP in the weird dark pink shade! Though it's definitely unusual it's still one of my absolute favorites. 

Angelic Pretty Secret Garden OP (2006)
The cut of this OP, with its high collar and goofy oversized bows, was really uncommon for AP at the time and still looks almost Meta-ish today. It's aged so well though, and still looks really cute in modern lolita coordinates!

Angelic Pretty Shoulder Ribbon JSK (2006)
I've always hated the shoulder ribbons that give this classic AP release its name, so I was overjoyed when I managed to find my favorite colorway (the sax) at a discounted price with the ribbons removed! Like the best early AP releases, it's incredibly simple and easy to wear.

Angelic Pretty Double Ribbon Headdress (2006)
This AP headdress is a bit of an odd piece- it's extremely long and wide, so it can be a little hard to position on your head. But in my opinion, it's worth the effort- it looks really cute and doll-like worn!

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Cheshire Cat and Alice Camisole (2006)
This 2006 BTSSB camisole is, in my opinion, one of their cutest takes on the ever-popular Alice in Wonderland theme and the cut is great for pairing with skirts in the summer! 

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Rosary Round Headdress (2006)
I've had this headdress since about 2008 and it's one of my best purchases- it goes perfectly with most older lolita pinks, and the size and shape work well in both sweet and classic coordinates! 

Cornet Shirring OP (est. 2006)
This dress is really interesting, because, like one of my Meta OPs up above, the lining isn't actually shirred- the outside is just gathered to give the appearance of shirring! It's a truly bizarre design choice but the dress is so cute I've overlooked it.

Cornet Eyelet Lace OP (est. 2006)
This OP's light and airy cotton fabric and eyelet lace are perfect for the summertime!

Cornet High-Neck Eyelet Lace OP (est. 2006)
I'm running out of creative names for all my Cornet pieces, especially since the actual names for most Cornet items were fairly generic! This OP reminds me a bit of an old-timey child's dress, and I'd love to do a goofy Victorian-inspired coord with granny boots and a hoop and stick.

Metamorphose Lace-Up JSK (Faux Leather) (2006)
Meta released this JSK in a variety of fabrics, including a floral lace and a striped cotton, but this pleather version is my absolute favorite! Unfortunately, after 14 years it's starting to fall apart, but since I received this as a gift from a friend I can't bring myself to ever get rid of it!

Metamorphose Open Front JSK (2006)
The front panel of this JSK buttons on and off, so it can be worn as a more traditional dress or as an underbust JSK! The fabric actually has a salmon pink stripe, and come summer I'm already planning a sweet sailor coord for this one.

Metamorphose Crown Headdress with Pearls (2006)
Meta has come out with a few different variations on this satin "crown" headdress over the years, but this 2006 version with little black plastic pearls is my personal favorite.

Metamorphose Dress 02 (Shantung Dress) (2007)
Okay, I cheated a tiny bit and included a 2007 piece in the post- but this one has such a great old-school feel to it that I thought it fit right in! The raschel lace makes the most amazing rustling sound when it moves and this dress is the perfect oldschool (looking) answer to modern OTT pieces.

And that's most of my oldschool pieces~ I was hoping that doing a wardrobe post would help illuminate some kind of information about my wardrobe or my tastes, but it mostly just shows that I have really eclectic tastes and interests and that my style is really all over the place. The main unifying factor, I think, is the quirky details- we love an unusual cut, an uncommon fabric, or a weird and goofy shape! Next time around, I'll share some of my post-2007 items, which are somehow even more bizare than the pre-2007 items.


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